Monday, January 14, 2008

Why pregnantkatiesmom

First, my daughter is pregnant for the second time. But also her and her husband plan on six children at least. I already have one beautiful 18 month old grandaughter and my first grandson is due in 2 months. I personally think when this baby is born they will change their minds about 6 kids.


Mom2fur said...

I wanted 8, but stopped at 4. It wasn't the kids themselves, I adore every one of them--but I was deathly sick with my fourth and couldn't go through that again. And who could afford it? I guess you just have to play it by ear as far as the number of kids. Some people do well with none, and some people have 10+. Look at the Duggar Family, LOL--I think she just gave birth to number 17!

Shanda said...

Bless Your heart and it's ok if you mispell words. I do it all the time. Nobody see it as a real big deal. Your name has been entered for the contest and Good Luck.
And welcome to blogging, you will meet so many fantastic people.