Saturday, May 21, 2011

Armed Forces Day

Today is Armed Forces Day, a day to honor our brave military. I am so grateful to the men and women in the past and present who have fought for our right to remain free. Really, we should honor them every day!

Here’s to the men of the red, white and blue;
Whose patriot’s hearts burned high ...
To the women who served us on land and on sea,
Some even in the sky.

I’d like to say, "Thank you, that we’ll never know
The outcome if you had not gone,"
And to tell you, "I’ll never forget your deed,
As long as my life lingers on."

For, I was a child, when the great war came,
And you just a dozen years more.
Some of you fought on a distant beach.
Some died on a foreign shore.

I’d hate to forget those heroes of old,
From the 'War to end all wars'.
Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm
Proved that men fight evermore.

God, help us all when brave men say,
"Not today. Let’s just wait and see."
For, tyrants come in so many ways
And I’ve heard of complacency.

When integrity falls in the dust by the way,
When conviction fails to command,
When there’s no one to bugle or carry the flag,
What will become of our land?

So, here’s to the heroes and heroines true!
Here’s to the brave and the free!
With my hand on my chest as the flag passes by,
I remember what you did for me!!!

Armed Forces Day Poem by © 2002 by Joan Clifton Costner


E. Sheppard said...

I am glad you wrote about remembering our armed forces. They deserve our respect and attention.

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heather said...

Thank you for remembering!

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